Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The MUN experience -part four-

Sunday 10 April. The day of the final formal conference is here.

My friend and I arrived to LAU Beirut and it was still early in the morning. There were already quiet a few people there. The level of excitement in the air was much less today than it had been yesterday. It was obvious that many were still a bit tired from the previous night's festivities.

Before you knew it, it was 9 o'clock and people were starting to rush in separate ways to get each to their committee's conference room.

The session was as tiring and maddening as expected. Everyone was shouting at everyone else in an attempt to get their idea heard and the lovely Chair and co-Chair did nothing about it because apparently that was part of the learning experience. 

Finally, after 13 hours of screaming at each other, the session wrapped, the Chair spoke some words of encouragement for the future and congratulated us on being, and to everyone's surprise, the best committee he's ever had, we clapped and cheered and laughed, and then , everyone went their separate way.

Of course, considering the story wouldn't be mine if it didn't have a romantic part, I had developed a crush on the chair during the mock simulation and had hurried to talk to him at the end of the final session before all the crowds stormed in and had given him my number.

My friends from school and I gathered outside the university grounds waiting for the cab to come pick us up and drive us to UNESCO where the closing ceremony would take place. My smile was up to my ears.

The closing ceremony went great! There was a lot of laughing and making fun of some who were handed the microphone to speak without at all being deserving of such a privilege, but mostly cheering for when, against our wildest expectations, our school won an award. And we won three, me being one of the lucky winners of a Position Paper Award.

It was definitely a night to remember. Tired, no, exhausted, after a full day and waiting for the cab out on the street in the cold for about half an hour to take us to Hadath from UNESCO, we finally arrived to our friend Fares' home where my friend's dad would pick us up. We went in for a moment, and as we sat and chatted about the day waiting for our ride, it finally settled in that it was all over now...The training sessions, the conferences, the dressing up, the new was all over. And it had been the best experience ever.

As we had all agreed, none of us went to school the following day. I spent my day at home crying at the feeling of loss of something that I had been working hard on for the past four months, that sense of purpose that was tiring at times but also made you feel alive.

After the small period of depression, it was all good.

I was eventually told that Naji (the chair) had a girlfriend, which I was surprisingly OK with. We still talk as friends though, and I'm still in touch with many MUN friends. The best part now is that we'll get to go through it again next year as advisers which I can't wait to do!

Until next year!

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