Saturday, August 20, 2011

School's on the horizon...mixed emotions...

It's only 26 days until school starts again on September 15 2011.

As always when school is about to start, I start having these weird dreams in which I usually end up going to school in my pajamas by mistake, or where I have an extremely important exam on the first day and which I haven't at all prepared for. 

These dreams usually have me awoken in the middle of the night reassuring myself that I still had one month and that there were no exams on the first day of school. After that, I would recite the dates of several important days, the one where we were supposed to register for the new year, the one where we were going to buy the books and the date of the first day of school, just to make myself go back to sleep peacefully.

However, it's not all bad dreams and sleepless nights. I actually miss school.

Don't get me wrong though. I don't miss homework, exams, or sitting in an uncomfortable wooden desk for seven hours. What do I miss then, you might ask? I miss waking up in the morning and having something to do during the day, something that would make me use my brain and be active. Not that I don't appreciate summer's laziness, but rather that I can appreciate better once I've lost it to winter's boring routine, and that having it for two months is enough to make one feel like one's slowly degrading into a pile of nothing.

I certainly miss my friends. They are probably the reason why I feel eager to go back. I miss laughing during breaks at things that are incredibly stupid and unworthy of laughter when you think of it, but which in the boredom of class schedules seems the funniest and most entertaining matters in the world. I also have to admit, though slightly guiltily, that I miss the gossip. I miss the chit-chats about this couple and that couple and spreading and listening to not-always-innocent rumors. Mostly, I miss having common stories to discuss and current events to comment on on every single social website available.

And I actually miss the cold. I miss the rain. I miss not sweating my way to dehydration or my skin sticking to whatever it came to contact with. I miss rosy cheeks and the small puffs of opaque breath exhaled into the cold air. I miss lighting the fireplace in our living room and falling asleep on the armchair next to it for a few minutes at night, swept along by the comfort of that worm and cosy corner.

I miss that time despite the fact that it means hard work and discipline (yeah right! :P).

However, no matter whether I like it or not, it's coming, and it's coming soon, and I all can hope for is for this year to be just as full of good memories, fun and rule breaking as all those which came before it.

Until next time...

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