Friday, September 3, 2010

The first blog I have ever read

I am as new to the whole blogging world as anyone could be.

I always heard about blogs, how they were a way to express your mind without being judged according to who you are. Anyone could give his honest opinion about anything and everything without having to take the blame of what he had to say not pleasing everybody.

I had never read a blog, however. As the matter of fact, reading my first blog (which happened only a few days ago by the way) was by accident. I was twitter and was checking out the profile of one of my favorite Disney actresses, Chelsea Staub. I noticed for the first time that she had a link to her own website on her twitter profile and decided to visit it.

There, I found the first blog I had ever read . I absolutely fell in love with the whole thing. I learned from the way she wrote on her blog and the storied she told that she was such a deep person with one of the most interesting childhoods ever. I saw a side of her that I didn't even know existed.

I was absolutely touched by her fairytale like anecdotes and her style and wished to myself that I would ever be able to do what she does. That was the first time I really wished I had a blog and knew what I would do with it.

Before that, when I usually considered having a blog, I always thought that I would be a one topic writer, that I would never stray from the subject that I would choose for my posts to revolve around. That thought never really got me interested in the concept of blogging. I mean, people don't really need to read a million blogs all about the same subjects, topic related blogs tend to feel the same.

The beauty about telling random stories from your childhood is that no two people in the world have lived the same life, or dealt with the same situations the same way. Ten people could all tell about their years as a boy/girl scout, and each time it would be a different story because we don't all handle life the same way.

That's when I decided that if I had a blog I wouldn't sweat and hurt to find knew ways to phrase the same sentence, I wouldn't look for different ways to tell the same story, I would just tell a different story every time.

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