Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why dream?

Well...We dream simply to escape reality. We dream as a way of convincing ourselves that there's something better out there, that we could, someday, obtain all that we wish to have.

I dream a lot and very often. I dream all the time and my day dreams are more frequent than those I see in my sleep. I dream because I live in a lace that could be compared to the desert of the field in which I dream of working. I love singing and acting and performing and I get this undescribeable joy out of thinking that some day I might be able to make my dreams come true.

As I said before, I live in a place where no real talent is appreciated and that place also happens to be the farthest place there is from the world where you can make your dreams come true. For an aspiring actress/singer, I'm talking about Hollywood of course.

Ever since discovering that I had a nice voice and that I could fairly well act, I found the thing that I always felt was missing without ever being able to say what it was. I found something, a field where I knew I would be able to use all my creativity in. I can write you five songs in one sitting if I'm inspired and i have just finished writing a book that only took me too months work.

And to have everybody around me try to take all that away from me...I can't even describe how that feels.
I cannot imagine that there still are parents in these modern times that won't trust their children and support them as they try to make their dreams come true.

I know all the downsides, I know all the dirty business that needs to be done. I have heard that same speech about how infected the field is and the fact that after three years of hearing the same bumming speech I still haven't changed my mind means that I really want to do this.

Dear bloggers, hear my words. Nobody has the right to steal your dreams, nobody has the right to tell you that there is no point in you dreaming because there is no way you're going to make those "unrealistic" dreams come true. The simple reason is that there is no such thing as an unrealistic dream, the only dream that didn't come true is the dream that wasn't sought long enough, the one that wasn't worked on enough.

Don't listen to anybody that says that there are probably a million different people around the world that have the same dream, people who were born in places and countries where it's much easier to make that dream come true. I say that there is no such thing as someone worthier of making their dreams come true.

Even if you fail, even f you waist years of your life trying to make that small sparkle become a shiny light, you should never label yourself a looser before you start the game.

I, personally, will never listen to someone that tells me that my dreams are ridiculous and  not worth chasing.


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