Friday, September 3, 2010

Why "the apprentice"?

Dear bloggers,
For my first blog, I decided to clarify why I used the word "apprentice" as my blog title.

During the short fifteen years that I have lived on this earth, I have constantly searched for something to define me as a person. I was always too mature for my age. By my second birthday, I had already taken off the diapers, the pacifier, and started talking and walking.

Even at school, I was usually the smartest of my kindergarten friends, I was the first one to learn how to write the letter eight without cheating and drawing two glued circles instead of the correct way to write the number.

Ridiculously minor achievements, I know, but it always felt good to be able to shine at something, no matter what it was.

I had always terrible at sports though, this was mainly caused by being overweight, but that was only a slight contribution. I hated to be sweaty and dirty and that was always the case at the end of P.E. Another reason why I didn't like it was the type of exercises we used to do. Now the exercises have changed and I have come to love that period.

I was always eager to learn. I loved school as a kid. I loved being around people that knew so much more about the world then I did. I loved being able to learn from them.

I loved to learn about how to behave in society, even at age ten, I worried about the right way to set the fork and knife at the end of a meal, a skill which I still haven't mastered by the way. The first thing I remember having learned was how to look up a word in a dictionary. That was an absolute joy.

I was always a beginner, a learner, an apprentice, and that's what I will always be.

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